Engage and strengthen your core with our Ab Wheel!

About our Ab Wheel:

Our Ab Wheel's goal is to create a high quality workout session for you to help you achieve the results you desire. Yes, there are so many machines at the gym that you could use, but if you need an excellent, space-efficient, yet quality product, this ab wheel is the perfect accessory. Not only is it very portable, it has two wheels to ensure proper balance for working out muscles evenly.

Benefits of the ab wheel:

Takes care of calories

When your muscles are working harder, the calorie burn in your body gets higher. Using this ab wheel is no different. When using it, your abs are in a constant state of work, forcing the muscles to become stronger and more toned.

Perfect for all body types

This ab wheel is extremely durable, so not only can it be used for smaller, lighter and overall petite people, but it can also be just as easily used by bigger and potentially much stronger and heavier people as well.

Toning of arms and shoulders

Although ab wheels are usually designed mostly to strengthen your core, another benefit includes the toning of your shoulders and arms as well. To use the ab wheel, you need shoulder and arm strength to keep your body upright.

What will you get from our Ab Wheel?


The ab wheel is built for constant harsh use. Its steel core wont break under pressure and won't wear out over time. Dual wheel design helps give you stability and balance. Plus, the ab wheel is dismantling if any part needs a change.


The ab roller gives you an intense workout. You shouldn't have to also worry about it being unstable, or uncomfortable. Foam grip handles are extremely comfortable and help prevent your hands from blistering and soreness.


But most importantly, the ab wheel works. It works so well, that you will start noticing results faster than you've ever imagined. The dual wheel design will help keep you stable so you can focus on more intense workouts for better results

Ab Wheel

  • About our product:
  • Safe and effective for in-home training
  • Strengthen and tone your core muscles
  • Extra thick mat for knee support included
  • Comfortable hand grips to cushion your hands
  • Double wheel design for smooth, fluid movements
  • Price: € 13.99


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